IOS: Faraway Escape Series

All over social media today, we only speak of games expected to bring modern revolutions that constantly redefine the experience of gaming, but Faraway by Snapbreak Games has targeted to revive a very old-fashion form of entertainment: puzzles. Faraway throws you into a world of mystery and refreshment, the experience pulls your soul from its body and immerses you into your near surroundings, and as you search for your way through the jungles and ruins, you just might come to better understand yourself.


Faraway – IOS – Released: May 15, 2017 – MSRP: Free; $2.99 for extra content & no ads

Unknown Terrain


Looking at this series I could not help but think that it is a metaphor for life, such that it reminds me that things that are truly beautiful and profound. Faraway pushes the player into a world of ruins and jungles, as you follow the footsteps of an adventurer before you, which becomes obvious once you begin to find the notes left behind scattered in each map. To find your way in this land, you must succeed in its given challenges, and the terrain offers the clues you need to overcome all the struggles you face on this very incredible journey. As you go through the troubles of solving puzzles, despite some encounters of frustration, under the influence of the elegant scenery you will be reminded that life is beautiful because of its flaws, struggles, and challenges, just as art is beautiful exactly because of its imperfections. My analogy may show to be very cliché, but this is frequently what most people forget, as we wonder through our daily lives in the real world the innocent and simple truths become ignored or blurred, life becomes a bitter mess having us wonder why it has not followed our perfect plans.

Soothing Exploration

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 9.18.59 PM

I think this goes without saying, but the smooth edges and clean colours of the graphics gave me this pure satisfaction, delivering fulfillment to every aspect of a perfectionist in the human gene. After playing Faraway on my iPhone 6S, I can confidently say that you shouldn’t have any issues running this fantastic game. The game uses very limited and straightforward controls from simple swiping from left to right to view your environment, to clicking in specific directions to move froward in your journey. In the beginning, the game gives very noticeable instructions, and even without them it is not hard to figure out.

For many of you hard working people that require your personal smartphone’s to last throughout the day, have no fear. Despite the beauty of this game, it does not come at the cost of an extreme drainage of battery. I also found Faraway as an especially good way for releasing daily stresses and tensions of my life, easily detaching me from my thoughts and bring me to a clean and simple world full of puzzles and calming music. This makes me greatly appreciate this wonder, although simple, it does the one thing most of modern entertainment fails to do. Faraway leads quietness and thoughtfulness back into a person’s life, so the player does not get engulfed in the heat of anxiety and cold of depression, which makes it a complete pity due to the shortness of this experience. For only 9 free levels and 9 paid levels you can experience on both the two titles in this series, “Faraway 1: Puzzle Escape” & “Faraway 2: Jungle Escape”. This is all the more reason to cherish this experience, so definitely do not miss the exposure of this unique art piece.



In my opinion, this game is for sure worth its price tag of $2.99, but you can go into it risk-free knowing half of Faraway is free to experience. With that being said, I definitely recommend this soothing journey for any of you to step into. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this dose of game therapy.

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